Planet X Roller World Birthday Party Information


  • Please arrive on time. We do not allow early entry, and please be ready to vacate your table at the end of your scheduled session time. 

 • Payment is due no later than the end of your session. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and bank debit cards. We do not accept checks. 

 • We will reserve enough tables for the number of guests you schedule for. Adults are welcome to come as spectators at no additional charge, however all children must be included in your guest count. 

 • We ask for a two day notice for changes made to your party’s guest count. If notice is not made, please expect to pay for the full amount you have scheduled for. 

 • We allow birthday cake/cupcakes & ice cream to be brought in with you for your party. These are the only food/drink items allowed to be brought in. 

 • If you do treat bags for your guests, please hand those out toward the end of session. Avoid items such as silly string, bubbles, gum, or other items that could be a hazard for skaters. 

 • Guests are allowed to bring their own skates; however we do ask that they be cleaned.    We look forward to your party and want to make this birthday an out of this world experience!  

  • Wristbands from the party are only good for the scheduled time of your party. They can not be brought back for other sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a deposit required? --Yes…A $25 Deposit is due at time of booking. The remainder is due the day of the party.

 • If I only expect to have a few more than 10 guests, am I required to book for 20? --No, we can book the party for any number of guests after the initial 10. 

• Can I come in early to set items up? --We do not open the doors prior to session start time. If you have items such as themed place settings, table cloths etc. that you would like set out, you can drop those items off prior to the day of your party and our staff will set them out as we assemble your table. We ask that everyone arrive around session start time to avoid a lengthy wait.  

• I have ice cream; can you store it? --Yes, we allocate freezer space to store ice cream or ice cream cakes that you might want to bring in for your party. 

 • I have called and left a voice mail, when should I expect a return call? --Allow about 12-24 hours from the time of your message to receive a return call. 

We work weekends, so generally Monday and/or Tuesday is our day off, but your call will be promptly returned as soon as someone steps back in!    

Feel free to call 309.382.3010 or email us at with any other questions you may have!